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God Ted, I love fiddler – or using fiddler to address individual servers on a HNSC)
This tool just gets better for me with every little bit more I learn about it. I use it as a proxy server for my VM’s to keep them of the main [...]
SharePoint Apps and AngularJS – SP.WebProxy Invocation using promises
Recently I’ve been trying to create a SharePoint 2013 app using AngularJS and angularui-bootstrap. It’s been going well thanks to Jeremy [...]
Angular Google Maps Example
I’m trying to get my head around angular and using it for writing SharePoint Apps, but one of the first things I wanted to write used google maps. [...]
SharePoint 2010/2013 Open a Form on the browse tab
This is something I regularly search for and more and more often I’m finding people posting code versions when all I really want is the URL parameter [...]
SharePoint 2010/13 Getting the Default Disp Page in JSOM
Being pretty new to JSOM, thought I might write this down so I don?t forget again. JSOM is just quite a bit different to REST or SPServices or just [...]
Using jQuery Queue with SPServices
One of the problems I came across the other day is I had several hundred items in a list to process.  To make life easy I use javascript on a web part [...]
Using jQuery promises with SPServices
I had reason to pull in data from three separate lists in SharePoint recently. Data in list three was dependant on lists one and two. So I created an admin [...]
jQuery mobile – Multi Pages
  We have been playing about with jQuery mobile at the office and its a great way to deliver specific mobile content and of course it works with [...]
Some Extra Notes on using Rendering Templates
I love rendering templates when I first came across them in WSS3 in 2008, when I started with SP 2007, I was still on 2003 until then, I thought they were [...]
Connecting the VM’s to the Internet, but still hiding them from enterprise
For those users on a corporate network that need an active directory and need to keep it hidden from the corporate network, setting your VM network to [...]