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Detecting the Language in a DVWP
I have been hunting all morning on how to do this.  I can do it in a CQWP with parameterbinding set correctly but no-one, no-one has put any example [...]
List of JS Libraries I’m using / looking into
This is more of a note to myself so that I can remember the JavaScript libraries I’m interested in and what they do and maybe a related article.  [...]
SharePoint Designer 2013 – Working round some problems
UPDATE: Really Big Hint, if you are in SPDesigner messing with forms then you’re likely doing it wrong. Seriously, Im not kidding, DON’T crack [...]
How to get the SiteCollection Url in XSLT
I found this way to get the root site collection url into a DVWP There are Global parameters available but you have to mess about with the bindings to use [...]
Set Fiddlers Icon based on Connected or Not
Thanks to @ericlaw for the info on this, since version of fiddler you can set the Tray Icon to whatever you want. I like to know at a glance [...]
God Ted, I love fiddler – or using fiddler to address individual servers on a HNSC)
This tool just gets better for me with every little bit more I learn about it. I use it as a proxy server for my VM’s to keep them of the main [...]
SharePoint Apps and AngularJS – SP.WebProxy Invocation using promises
Recently I’ve been trying to create a SharePoint 2013 app using AngularJS and angularui-bootstrap. It’s been going well thanks to Jeremy [...]
Angular Google Maps Example
I’m trying to get my head around angular and using it for writing SharePoint Apps, but one of the first things I wanted to write used google maps. [...]
SharePoint 2010/2013 Open a Form on the browse tab
This is something I regularly search for and more and more often I’m finding people posting code versions when all I really want is the URL parameter [...]
SharePoint 2010/13 Getting the Default Disp Page in JSOM
Being pretty new to JSOM, thought I might write this down so I don?t forget again. JSOM is just quite a bit different to REST or SPServices or just [...]