SharePoint Apps and AngularJS – SP.WebProxy Invocation using promises

April 17, 2014 - Sharepoint

Recently I’ve been trying to create a SharePoint 2013 app using AngularJS and angularui-bootstrap.

It’s been going well thanks to Jeremy Thake’s (@jthake) original demo.

But I wanted more! More than just access to the local site, I wanted access to the web, but I wanted to do it in the right AngularJs way, using the service so later when I figure out how to do DI testing I can, using promises too, which of course SharePoint doesn’t return in a way we can use in AngularJS.

So this code snippet (not complete app) will give you a clue on a way of doing it, there may be a better way to do this in AngularJS Im no expert, I see references to module.Factory calls in other examples, but I’m sticking to Jeremy’s starter code for now.

This example uses UK police data, details of the license are here

One thought on “SharePoint Apps and AngularJS – SP.WebProxy Invocation using promises

Matt Blodgett

I love seeing how people are using AngularJS with SharePoint 2013. Keep it up!


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