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Braindump:Adding CORS support to old SOAP Webservice
This has been a bit of a nightmare,  once you start you will find hundreds of stackexchange articles about this and the problems you will have. So here are [...]
VS Code, Git, Gulp and SharePoint
UPDATE:Since writing this VSCode 1.0 was released which told me I was using the old Git package.  So I updated Code and Git. The new Git has a better [...]
MDS Compliant Disp Template example
This is just a reminder for me really, take a look if you like, but its not done, based on Martin Hatch’s colour field example with Wictor’s [...]
Adding a Post Feature Activation notification
Recently I’ve been doing some 2010 work on a site which needed a bunch of javascript and some CSS files. Now most of these were deployed to the style [...]
Pseudo Synchronous Call Queuing in Angular with promises
Here is example code that batches aync ajax calls into blocks of 5 and waits before calling the next set, without blocking the UI thread.
Posting to Pushbullet via ThingSpeak
A Step by step guide on configuring ThingSpeak to auto post to PushBullet, I use ESP8266’s but the you can use this for anything posting to ThingSpeak.
SharePoint 2013 App – AngularJs, BootStrap and ngGrid example
I’ve created a SP2013 App including all the code and published it on Codeplex so anyone can take a look and steal the code get ideas. It has an [...]
Detecting the Language in a DVWP
I have been hunting all morning on how to do this.  I can do it in a CQWP with parameterbinding set correctly but no-one, no-one has put any example [...]
List of JS Libraries I’m using / looking into
This is more of a note to myself so that I can remember the JavaScript libraries I’m interested in and what they do and maybe a related article.  [...]
SharePoint Designer 2013 – Working round some problems
UPDATE: Really Big Hint, if you are in SPDesigner messing with forms then you’re likely doing it wrong. Seriously, Im not kidding, DON’T crack [...]